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Catching my breath…

It’s been a rough few weeks around these parts. My daughter has basically been sick in some form or another since the end of March, and my body finally gave up the fight last week and succumbed to the current form of crud that she’s suffering, leaving me with a combo ear/sinus infection, which made me feel like I’ve been kicked in the face. After a few days on antibiotics, it’s improving, but I still have some face/head pain and a cough, and I’m still worn the heck out.

That’s not to say that I’m not reading- being sick has actually been pretty good for reading. But I’m like four reviews behind, and I have a review book I need to get a post up for, plus another post for someone else, and that’s not counting the 238423794832 things I do and have to do in my daily life (I’ll be mowing the lawn again this weekend, for example, and cleaning the entire house because we have family coming over for lunch one of the days).

So I’m going to skip writing reviews for those four books (library books that I’ve read on my own, not review books. I would never skip out on those!) and hopefully work on those other two posts this weekend instead. Next week is a little more calm, the kids are done with school for the summer, and there should be less running around for me, so things will be a little more relaxed (in theory!), and I’ll start up writing reviews for what I read then.

We all need to throw in the towel sometimes. I just need to pause, catch my breath a little (in between the coughing fits, of course), and then get back on track.

What do you do when you get overwhelmed with life? How do you keep your blogging on track? Do you review every single book you read, or do you skip some here and there?

2 thoughts on “Catching my breath…

  1. Sorry you and your daughter have been so under the weather. That’s rough. I’m glad you’re feeling better and finally on the road to recovery!

    I review every book I read, but that’s just because I’m kind of anal that way. Currently, I’m about 15 reviews behind and sometimes it’s double that, so yeah, four behind is not bad AT ALL. I don’t blame you for just skipping the ones you haven’t reviewed. Makes perfect sense. You have to do what works for you so that you don’t go insane with blog stuff on top of life stuff.


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    1. Thank you! I’ve still got some sinus/face pain going on and I’m coughing like a 12 pack a day smoker, but it’s been than feeling like I did before!

      I’m still going to review everything else I read, I just reeeeeeeeeeeeeaally needed to cut myself some slack here. It’s been a really rough few weeks. I took a nap yesterday during my daughter’s nap and slept so hard that I woke up wondering what day it was. 😀


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