Review Policy

I love reviewing books!

I usually read over a hundred books every year. If you’re interested in having your book reviewed here, check these guidelines first to make sure it’s a good fit for this blog. While I’ll consider everything offered, it’s easier for you to see if your book is a good fit first. (But when in doubt, it never hurts to ask! I do enjoy stepping outside of my normal boundaries from time to time.)

General contemporary fiction
Women’s fiction
Romance and erotica (All heat levels and couplings acceptable, though I’m generally not interested in paranormal. I prefer contemporary, but I’m not opposed to historical, and if you have a time travel romance, I’M IN. HIT ME UP.)
Young Adult
New Adult
Horror, if it’s along the lines of Stephen King. Spooky and weird is fine, but nothing super bloody (and nothing where the dog dies).
Middle grade
Graphic novels

Memoirs. I especially love memoirs about the experience of leaving a religious group, but I’m open to most topics here.
Biographies, although I’m strictly contemporary in this category.
I love anything that covers social issues and social science: poverty, hunger and food politics, racial issues, education, civil rights, social justice, feminism, etc.
Essay collections
True crime
I enjoy reading about religions of all kind, but more in an academic sense. “This is what we believe” or “This is how I experience my faith” is fine; “This is why you should believe like me” is not. “This is why I left” is my all-time favorite.
Language learning (general, such as Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner, or language-specific; I’m comfortable with French and am learning Norwegian)
Anything about food waste
Vegetarian and vegan cooking
Evidence-based medicine (I’m happy to read books by people like Paul Offit, MD, but I’d pass on Dr. Oz.)
Homemaking, cooking, and crafting (specifically sewing and knitting)

What I Don’t Read
Sci-fi, and I haven’t read a lot of fantasy in my time (although I’ll keep an open mind about the latter)
Literary fiction isn’t usually my thing, although some of these do squeeze through, so try me.
I’m not big into mystery/crime/suspense fiction.
Anything with gratuitous and upsetting animal death.
Christian fiction (not opposed, but I’m probably not the best audience)

The kind of books I enjoy most open up a new world to me. They let me experience life in a different way and see things in a way I hadn’t considered before, or they show me a way of life I wasn’t aware of before I turned that first page. If your book does that, I’m interested. Drop me a line at and we’ll talk. E-books and paper copies are both gladly accepted.

All books will receive a fair and thoughtful review. Books will be added to my lineup and reviewed in the order they were received. Due to the high volume of requests, I will only reply if it’s something I’m interested in reading. Thank you for considering me to review your book!